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Gravity eRacer procedural video

Gravity eRacer procedural video - HD

Starting time for video instructional sections are listed below.

2:47 - Drawing isometric and multiviews of vehicle
4:10 - Drawing the vehicle outside dimensions
6:28 - Drawing left and right sides; front and back
8:55 - Locating axle holes
11:17 - Cutting out vehicle body
12:30 - Punching location holes for axles
13:00 - Score and fold vehicle body
14:25 - Tape corners
15:21 - Make axle bearings
18:58 - Assemble axle bearings to vehicle body
22:33 - Measure and cut axle bearings to correct length
24:18 - Measure and cut axles to correct length
26:12 - Making wheels
29:55 - Finding center of each wheel
31:29 - Punching axle holes in wheels
32:03 - Attaching wheels to axles
33:00 - Cab construction example
33:55 - Customize vehicle example

Track photo  -  Car example  -  Project sharing at 2018 MTEEA Fall Conference  -  STEM Showcase at 2019 ITEEA Conference in Kansas City  -  STEM Showcase discussion at 2019 ITEEA Conference  -  Information handed out at 2019 ITEEA Conference STEM Showcase  -  2021 ITEEA STEM Showcase virtual presentation for Gravity eRacer   STEM Showcase display at 2021 ITEEA virtual conference

Distance Learning - Photo of an aluminum foil track a student could use at home - Photo of a paper towel track a student could use at home

Video of Gravity eRacer going down an aluminium foil track which a student could use at home - Video of Gravity eRacer going down a paper towel track which a student could use at home

  •  Track is made using 9-10 feet of aluinium foil or paper towels stretched from edge of table top to the floor. Taped at both ends.

Day by day plans (PDF) (Word)

Isometric practice (PDF) (Word) - Isometric practice example

Thumbnail sketches (PDF) (Word) - Thumbnail sketches example

Isometric and working drawing worksheet (PDF

Isometric and working drawing worksheet example 

Full scale body example drawings

This YouTube video helps explain science concepts that enhance the importance of building good axle bearings, axles and wheels for the project.

Wheel patterns (PDF)

Gravity eRacer examples

Speed calculations and reflection worksheet (PDF) (Word)

Cars built to last - short video showing concept cars of the 1950's

Link to Gravity eRacer project at Gable's Technology Education Resources