Want to give Engineering byDesign a test drive?

MN Engineering byDesign (MN EbD) is excited to announce a series of Engineering byDesign “Action Labs”!

MN EbD will be conducting “Action Labs” for both the MS (Grades 6-8) and HS (Grades  9-12) courses.  The Action Labs will be led by ITEEA Engineering byDesign National Teacher Effectiveness Coaches (NTEC) and MN Engineering byDesign Authorized Teacher Effectiveness Coaches (ATEC).  These action labs will use a semi “flipped” learning process along with a “Hands on” learning experience.  

The Action Labs will consist of a 45-60 minute pre-recorded “nuts and bolts” of EbD and introduction to the course being presented.  The recording will be sent to you the first week of January for you to view prior to the Action Lab date.

This will be followed up with a ZOOM training session. During this two hour, “Hands on” portion of the class, you will experience the EbD BUZZ learning management system, use the LMS as both a student and a teacher.  The trainer will  lead you  through a lesson and the associated activity and a larger project.  For some of the Action Labs, this may be split into two sessions that allow the participant to complete a project with more than one iteration before sharing with other participants.

These Action Labs will be held between January 15 and February 5, 2021.  

The cost of the Action labs is as follows:

1st lab registration, per participant:  

  • MTEEA member: $75
  • Non members: $100

Check your MTEEA membership status here.

  • Each additional lab is $50 per participant.
Action Labs

“Action Lab” hands on schedule:  Dates and times to be determined.  The Action Labs will be held between January 15 and February 5, 2021.  Hands on sessions will start approximately 3:00 pm on the day scheduled. 

MS Action Lab series:  Course Descriptions HERE

  • Exploring Technology   (Grade 6)
  • Invention and Innovation  (Grade 7)
  • Technological Systems  (grade 8)

HS Action Lab Series:  Course descriptions HERE

  • Foundations of Technology
  • Technological Design
  • Advanced Technological Applications
  • Engineering Design (Capstone)