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Students listen to one of 3 podcasts and write a couple sentences about it.  (business starts)  (design and how things made)  (hacking iOT devices)

Depending on the subject area, you may be able to find some podcasts that fit better.

We were told to come up with something meaningful that would take 15 to 20 min per class. I have tried to find interesting YouTube videos that relate to the class and then have a google doc for them to fill out and submit to me. 

Watch a You Tube video and fill out a worksheet or write a short paper.

Define terms on what ever you are covering at the time.

Watch "How it is made" videos and give a short report.

Research and write a paper on careers in your area.

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Last winter we had two e-learning days.  It worked out well because it was right after the semester had started.  The first day, I posted safety information, then made the safety test available via schoology.  The second day, I had my students watch a video on measurement, then complete a practice worksheet.  The other Tech. Ed. teacher in the building, who mostly taught engineering, posted a video then had students write a paragraph about what they had learned.

This school year, I am planning on the students complete a webquest on careers associated with whatever class they may be in.

In our district we have had some application that we have tested before moving ahead with full implementation.

Our recommendation is no more than a five minute video or lecture and short but worthwhile assignment.

an example assignment if we were in the beginning stages of welding

In welding I show use a welding video on how to produce a straight welding bead 

The assignment is to write a reflection of the video.

Include in the reflection these terms:

Striking an arc.

Proper positioning of hands

Proper angle

Arch patterns

I would keep it simple because in our district we have to have content for the day posted by 9:00am and be available by phone until 3:30

I teach PLTW IED, and like to utilize the flippgrid app for independent/ group assignments. Students have to upload a video through the website or the app, this has been great for some of the assignments.

I teach traditional shop classes. These are a combination of hands on lab days and learning packet days. If we have a snow day I can easily open up a learning packet (scanned chapters and worksheets and a quiz for each one) in Schoology. It becomes an E-learning day. 

We use the software called "Schoology" to put all our digital curriculum that the kids can access on their chromebooks.  All tests and quizzes made in schoology sync up with skyward.  It is like Google Drive, but specific to education, and it communicates with skyward.  

Anyway, I linked some longer youtube clips with questions I made to accompany the video to Schoology and the kids can watch the clip, answer the questions, and the results get posted automatically to skyward.  This is what I do with all my sub days and it would work for E-learning as well.

My assignments for my woods classes each time was find a different profession within the construction trades and write a brief summary of each including, education, skills, tools, dangers of the job, career longevity, and of course salary and  benefits.

My required middle school shop classes did similar things with either a different specie of tree, looking for where it is grown, how long before harvest, used for what projects, indoor or out, and price or research on the OSHA site about each of the machines.

I had my CAD kids doing different assignments about house plan layouts and improvements of the residence they live in. 

My Robotics/Pre Engineering did research papers similar to the woods students except they research the many different types of engineering professions.

I have my students talk about processes and social impacts (based on the subject matter/class). I pose several questions and have them research, reflect, etc.

We have had it for several years and our guidelines are no more than 10 minutes per class and no new information.  For automotive classes it can be as simple as going out and check your oil in your car, snap a pic, and send it to me.  In welding I have had kids find a quality weld on something at their home and try to determine what process they have used.  Maybe find a career related to your class and have them do some research on what schooling is required and what the job prospects are.

With Jr. High I always had some measuring worksheets online ready to go for their snowdays to practice improving reading a ruler and some application based math. With the high school I always found applicable DIY videos on YouTube related to what I was currently teaching or whatever the next unit was going to be. I’d assign them to watch the video and then write a summary or come up with a list of questions related to the new skill they watched.

I find articles for them to read or YouTube training videos to watch(I make them short). As of right now our district is not requiring it be graded, but when and if they do I will have the students do a paragraph summary of what they read/saw. I import everything in schoology. 

I am on an exploratory committee looking at implementing eLearning into our curriculum for the same reason you have listed.  Our problem, is that we are not a One-to-One school yet- meaning we don't have an electronic device for every student.....yet.

I am specifically looking at Tech Ed curriculum and researching various eLearning lessons to capture 20-30 minutes of student engagement per class period.  I teach Graphic Design, and have put together a very simple Google Form exploring careers with the Visual Communications area.  Our Woods teacher has a Google Form with an online research lesson surrounding wood characteristics.  They are basically just online research lessons with short answer or multiple-choice answers, but meet the requirements of a student contact day.

I have actually used mine already due to a very short notice day off at home and I simply jumped on my laptop, uploaded it to my Google Classroom, and watched the students turn it in while a substitute teacher oversaw my classroom.  It was pretty slick.

My PLTW classes are online so that is an easy one. My Wood Working class and Small Engines are not and depending where we are it is hard to give them an assignment just for the sake of an assignment. If they are working on projects it is hard to try to come up with something that is not just busy work. I am not a big fan of busy work so I either just have them check in or possibly a short assignment explaining what they are working on and if they are having any difficulties with the project. Honestly not many of them complete writing assignments because “We should be working on our projects”. I do have some assignments for Small Engines through the Briggs and Stratton Power Portal that I have seen some success with. Woods has been a struggle.