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STUDENT/PARENT WAIVER - A waiver must be completed by all students participating in Super Mileage challenge at Brainerd International Raceway! Please read the waiver carefully and explain it to your students before sending it home with them. Have students and parents sit down and go through it together, before signing it. Waivers are to be signed and dated by 1) Student, 2) Parent, 3) a Witness to the signing. A Waiver is necessary for every participant, regardless if they are a driver or not.

Waiver (PDF)

Waiver (Word)

SCHOOL LETTER - Please have your administrator forward a letter on school stationary to me, acknowledging the challenge as a co-curricular activity your school is participating in.


INSURANCE FORMS - Finally we need a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE (ACCORD FORM) covering all participating students and releasing BRAINERD INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY of any liability. Please MAIL the completed forms to me before the deadline. If you have any Questions, please contact me as soon as possible.


BIR CHECK IN - Before each team is allowed to enter the BIR (Brainerd International Raceway) property, they must sign the check-in list provided by track security signifying that they have properly turned in all of the previous 4 items.  After check-in, the instructor will be given a "Tech Inspection Pass" for each of their team's vehicles.  Vehicles will not be allowed into tech inspection without a Tech Inspection pass. 


Technical Inspection Pre-Inspection Forms - Official vehicle inspection forms will NOT be mailed to each school. These forms will be given at Station 1 of Technical Inspection. Pre-Inspection forms will be posted on this website soon. Please remember, that inspection forms for each class (stock, modified, E-85, experimental) are different. Be sure to download the pre-inspection form you need for the class you are entering.


Intent to Enter form (PDF)

Intent to Enter form (Word)


Design Proposal Checklist (PDF)

Design Proposal Checklist (Word)


Bulk Buy Invoice (PDF)

Bulk Buy Invoice (Word)

SM Home Teams  Rules   Forms
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