Wondering how to get students to bring their project back so you can enter it in the Minnesota State Fair? See these links (wordPDF) which are templates of a sample letter.

Not sure if the letter you gave your students reaches home?  See these links (wordPDF) which are templates of a sample email to parents.

Below are a few rules which are taken from the Technology Education Premium Book section at https://www.mnstatefair.org/competitions/k-12-competition/technology-education/

  • Teachers should act as first judge and enter only those that are worthy of the merit.
  • Instructors teaching multiple classes of the same subject matter may enter up to five items per division/class (i.e. teaching three 7th grade classes of Game Design could enter a total of 15 in that grade/class).
  • All projects must be entered on-line.
  • Entries are accepted from students of Minnesota schools: grades K-12. Grade classification is for year just completed. Special Education entries will be accepted from grades K-12.
  • A strip of masking tape shall be placed securely and neatly on the back of the item to be entered and shall be clearly identifiable, containing the following information: student name, school, teacher/instructor's name, grade, city.
    • If you don’t want to use masking tape, see these links (wordPDF) which are templates for printing student ID for project back.
  • Entries will be accepted at the State Fair Education Building, 1372 Cosgrove Street in early August. Consult the Technology Education Premium Book section at https://www.mnstatefair.org/competitions/k-12-competition/technology-education/ for details.

  • See links (wordPDF) for a project name tag template. This is not required, but recommended as the student name on the registration tag provided by the State Fair uses a small font and is hard to read from more than a few feet away.