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Supermileage Contacts

2016-17 Supermileage Competition Committee contacts

We have created a Supermileage Facebook page to assist in reminders and rules clarification. Please use this as the primary method of technical questions.

All e-mailed forms, google docs and questions should be sent to.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Supermileage Chairman:

Technical Director

Luke Becker

Braham High School

531 Elmhurst Ave S

Braham, MN, 55006

Mike Sundblad

Scott Danielson

Steve Meyers

Mitch Burfeind

Leigh Hartert

Ryan Dewey

Tom Gjerstad

Ken Pashina

Kyle Anderson

Robb Dohrmann

Nate Tiesfield

Heath Baumguard

Keith Anderson

James Mecklenburg 

SM Home Teams  Rules   Forms
 Engine Info  Technical  Sponsors Contact